The To Hell & Back Ride has been a successful single bike-rider publicity/fund raising event for Eastside Teen Outreach. In 2010 and 2013, Director Doug Trocino rode his bicycle to Hell, Michigan and back to Eastpointe in an effort to raise awareness of the issues that so many local teens go through in their lives.

We have had many people ask to be included in this ride, and so we have decided to make “To Hell & Back” a yearly bike-a-thon.  The 2015 ride is a two day event, October 17th and 18th, and will cover 60 miles each way.  Riders are free to join us for the ride there, back or both.  The idea is to bring the community together to do something difficult in honor of the difficult issues facing youth today.

To Hell & Back will become a proud tradition that southeast Macomb County will be known for. The idea of literally going to Hell and Back to support our youth resonates with people, and it will be something our communities can be proud of.  In addition to the event raising funds for Eastside Teen Outreach, other youth serving charities in our area are invited to form teams to raise funds for their organizations as well.

Call us at 586.447.8336 for more information on how to sponsor To Hell & Back!