The To Hell & Back Bicycle Tour is a challenging 120 mile trek over two days that will take you through cities and country, paved & dirt roads, bike trails and lots of hills.

Sign in starts at 7am Saturday, October 17th at Eastside Teen Outreach, 15800 E. 10 Mile Road.  We’ll release riders in groups followed by a safety team in a motor vehicle.  Try to group yourself with people of similar biking skill/endurance as it is important to stay together for safety.  The route takes you down Nine Mile through Warren, Ferndale, Oak Park, Southfield, Farmington, South Lyon and so on until you get to Whitmore Lake.

Follow the road around the bend to the north and then get on the Lakelands Trail for about 9 miles to Cedar Lake Road.  Go south to the end and turn right on Patterson Lake Road and until  you get to Hell.  Be sure to grab some ice cream at Scream’s  and maybe do a round or two of Putt Putt.  We encourage you to check out “Hell in a Handbasket” restaurant, and while in there, send a postcard from the country’s smallest post office!

We’ll start again at 7 am on Sunday at Scream’s with a complimentary continental breakfast. Just reverse the above directions and make your way back to Eastside Teen Outreach for a grand celebration!

Here’s a printable map and instructions of our route.

Got a driver picking you up Saturday evening or dropping you off Sunday morning?  Here’s some driving directions.